The value automation brings to business is compelling: ensuring better accuracy, improved

compliance, significant cost savings, scalability, together with increased speed and productivity.

The potential benefits and ROI mean that often the push from many COOs to get software robots

live as soon as possible, sometimes even before it has been assured that they are ‘doing the

right thing’, exposes the business to a level of risk.

What is also prevalent is the frequent IT change that agile delivery and ‘evergreening’

approaches impose on applications. These changes impact the applications and integrations that

robots rely on for data, stopping the automation working, either completely or partially.

Consequently, CIOs/CTOs need to treat RPA like any other business application, managing their

development and maintenance lifecycle, by implementing SDLC governance. Automated CI/CD

and regression testing of robots should be central to this governance model. With this proactive,

expedient diagnosis, as to why an automation will or has stopped working correctly, becomes

straightforward. Therefore, ensuring the automation is working or errors are resolved with

minimal downtime.  

Join TestingXperts (Tx), a Next-Gen QA & Software Testing Services provider, and UiPath a

leading enterprise automation software company, for this informative On-Demand webinar.

Key takeaways from this webinar

  • How to proactively mitigate the business risk due to compromised RPAs.
  • Why RPA analysis, design, construction, quality assurance and maintenance should be managed in the same way as any other corporate application.
  • Why UiPath Test Suite is the perfect quality assurance and testing product for all of your application testing needs, irrespective of the platform and the ideal test extension for UiPath Platform.
  • How the test automation framework that TestingXperts has built around UiPath Test Suite, makes it the complete automation test environment.
  • How TestingXperts Migration Framework enables the seamless transition from your existing testing products to UiPath Test Suite.
  • How UiPath Task Mining can aid the discovery of edge testing cases and improve test coverage and software quality.
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QA /Test

Nick Blamey

Sales Specialist EMEA

UiPath Test Suite

Rick Crosby

Pre-Sales Leader UK&I

UiPath Test Suite

Ajay Bezawada

Test Architect


James Greaves

Director UK & Europe


Amar Jamadhiar 

AVP Delivery and Innovation


Speakers for the webinar